17/04/2018 - ExpoPrint/ConverExpo 2018: the results highlight the turnaround moment for the printing industry

A turnaround moment for the printing industry in Latin America. That was ExpoPrint Latin America/ConverExpo Latin America 2018. The exhibitions showcased the latest technology for a qualified audience, breaking records and reaching 50,216 visitors, who could check out over 750 brands in more than 300 booths during the five days event. 

The international attendance is a highlight of ExpoPrint/ConverExpo. 4,684 professionals from all over Latin America and other parts of the world strenghtened the exhibition position as the most important event for the printing market in Latin America. Business deals exceeded all expectations, by surpassing the R$900 million mark in business generated during the exhibition, a number that will surely be overcome with the inclusion of deals that will be closed in the coming days and months. 

In its fourth edition, the results consolidate ExpoPrint as the place where businesses happen. Exhibitors and visitors reported that the exhibition was the great recovery driver for the industry, which resumed investments and is cheering the bright future ahead, driven mainly by first-world technologies presented live in the booths.

Organizers underscore the beyond expectations success
Mr. Ismael Guarnelli, Director at APS Marketing de Eventos, organizer of the exhibition, highlights the reasons why the event turned out to be a sucess: "ExpoPrint/ConverExpo’s success is the result of intense and continuous work during the last four years. An ambitious project that has overcome the most varied political and economic challenges and scenarios. Exhibitors and visitors unanimously reinforced: ExpoPrint will be a hallmark in the history of the Brazilian printing industry as the great moment for resumption of investments."
According to Mr. Eduardo Sousa, President at Afeigraf (the Association of Manufacturers and Agents for Equipment and Supplies for the Brazilian Graphic Industry), organizer of ExpoPrint, it is unanimously agreed in the corridors that the exhibition surpassed all expectations. "In addition to the hope of economic recovery, there are many qualified people willing to invest in technology. And it is important to highlight the quality of the exhibitors. It was an all-encompassing exhibition, with all technologies: offset, flexo, digital, large format inkjet. This has caught the public attention, because ExpoPrint meets the needs of all audiences and segments of our industry."
Mr. Eudes Scarpeta, President at Abflexo/FTA-Brasil (the Brazilian Flexographic Technical Association), organizer of ConverExpo, shares the same opinion: "For Abflexo, the partnership with APS was very good because it merged an audience with ExpoPrint. And the offset users can be very interesting for the flexo companies. Many companies boasting offset printing processes today are interested in diversification, whether in labels or packaging in general. For everyone involved was quite interesting, it was a win-win."
According to Mr. Alexandre Keese, Director at APS Marketing de Eventos, the results could be felt through the corridors of the exhibition: "ExpoPrint and ConverExpo exceeded all expectations. These were 5 days with solutions presented by the main companies of the world, offering the latest innovations and state-of-the art technology. Such features ensure ExpoPrint and ConverExpo a unique position on the market, registering the public’s resumption of confidence and the room for growth within the industry. We can say that 2018 is the year of printing in Brazil."

Technology on the rise at ExpoPrint/ConverExpo
During the five-day event, visitors could take a look at state-of-the-art technology at the exhibitors' booths. It was possible to see offset printing equipment in operation and producing with high speed and quality, showing that this segment remains strong and innovative. All the solutions for the perfect printing were there, helping entrepreneurs to have a direct contact with their current suppliers and to get acquainted with new companies for their materials supply.
In each edition of ExpoPrint the digital printing is stronger, reinforcing its supporting role for other printing technologies. There were launches for different objectives: photography, commercial, editorial, packaging & labels and other markets, from the smallest runs to the industrial production. The textile digital printing has evolved and brought new opportunities to the exhibition, be it in clothing, decoration or signage.
Digital printing in large formats for signage & display was seen in many booths, showing versatility and practicality. Inks had a special space where they could show themselves fit for the recent market demands, both in reproduction quality, economy, fast cure − with support of new developments, such as the UV LED − and sustainability. Furthermore, the sustainable appeal was present all over the exhibition, with applications focusing not only on cost savings but also on the zero impact on the environment.
In flexography, the converter could check out printers in operation, in addition to the flexographic universe: from anilox, through photopolymer plates, to the plate. Digital printing for corrugated packaging − either for small or large runs −, finishing equipment as well as the most different printing technologies for the most varied market needs − from editorial to packaging − were also part of the show.
In order to integrate the processes, a number of software options were demonstrated live in the Blue and White Pavilions. From management systems, through workflow control software, proof and color management, inspection, security, to the possibilities of web-to-print solutions, showing that printing is fully connected with the trends of society.
ExpoPrint/ConverExpo was thus the stage for innovation. 3D printing showed its power. Many exhibitors took 3D printers from the smallest formats to gigantographic solutions. Some exhibitors also took advantage of technological advancements from other industries to present their products at the exhibition, such as the use of augmented reality applications and virtual reality glasses. All in all, this has definitively proven the motto adopted by the largest printing event in the Americas: "If it’s printing, it’s ExpoPrint”.

Features and Educational Initiatives enhance the visitor experience
APS Marketing de Eventos, organizer and promoter of ExpoPrint/ConverExpo, has a mission to bestow knowledge to the printing market. Along the five days of the exhibition, visitors learned more about the industry of which they are a part, acquiring new concepts in the congresses promoted: Congresso de Impressão Digital (Digital Printing Congress), Digital Textile Conference, Flexo Talk & Show and Gráfica 4.0 (Print shop 4.0), besides Ilha da Sublimação (Sublimation Island) and CAMBEA #8.
At the Digital Printing Congress, sponsored by Ibema, it was showcased a general overview of the industry, trends of how to improve the internal management and other relevant topics. FESPA’s Digital Textile Conference, sponsored by Global Química & Moda, has brought the world of digital stamping. In partnership with the Núcleo Gráfico Senai, the “Print shop 4.0” presented what the Industry 4.0 is like and its implications for the Brazilian printing companies. And finally, at ConverExpo, Abflexo organized the Flexo Talk & Show Special Edition, showing the strength of flexography in printing and converting packages and labels.
The Sublimation Island, in partnership with FESPA and ComunidadeWEB, held lectures all through the exhibition, finishing each event with a workshop, in addition to the exhibition of products created through the sublimation technique; the space received many visitors eager to undertake. The sublimation, by the way, was a technology on the rise at the ExpoPrint, with companies showing differentiated tools for this specific market.
Mr. Alexandre Keese highlights the importance of the initiatives: "In addition to the innovative solutions presented by more than 750 brands, we have brought high relevant content. There were four congresses in line with the Print shop 4.0: the different facets of digital stamping, flexography, visual communication and digital printing. In turn, the Sublimation Island has showcased a super interesting content and a showroom area. And of course the competition could not be left out: CAMBEA brought its brilliance once again with a high level competition."

WS Adesivações is a great champion of the CAMBEA #8
Five adrenaline-charged days until the coronation of the great champions. That was the CAMBEA #8 at ExpoPrint 2018. Wellington and Rafael from WS Adesivações, from Fortaleza (CE), took the doubles championship. Gênesis, from Rio Grande (RS), ranked second and the Prime team, from Santa Maria (RS) took the third place.
The eighth edition of the CAMBEA had 16 teams competing the qualifying rounds in the first three days. The public could appreciate the careful wrapping work of  professionals from all over Brazil. After the qualifying rounds, here comes the semifinal. Besides the wrapping of car parts, there was a surprise: a guitar wrapping. The best ones went to the great final on Saturday. On the last day of the CAMBEA, it took the professionals four hours to wrap an entire car. The spectatators could appreciate a unique skill, inspiring and supporting the wrappers that took part at the greatest celebration in this sector.
The great winning team was announced by the end of the event. Wellington and Rafael from WS Adesivações − a team that had previously won the CAMBEA Northeast leg −  now has become the Brazilian champion. They spoke about the importance of this conquest: "We’ve been keeping the pace since Fortaleza. I would like to thank God and praise all our dedication and hard work. If you have a dream, but you don’t want to struggle for it, then all the work is in vain. We are very happy. This is good for people to see that there are great professionals in the state of Ceará and learn how to praise these talents. We really like what we do every single day."
Marcelo Souss, Director at Alltak, is the mastermind behind the CAMBEA. He talks about this year's event: "CAMBEA #8 was a success at ExpoPrint. The whole event was indeed a success, with high quality attendees. We are happy to showcase our market, which is still in its first steps. This year we had something amazing here, with the final being competed by the Fortaleza team, champions of the CAMBEA Northeast, which clinched the award here as well. Genesis took the third place last year and now ranked second. And the 2017 champion was third. This shows the high quality of the participants."
At the CAMBEA Fast, there was more record breaking, in addition to the guitar wrapping. The CAMBEA Lab showcased new techniques presented by Justin Pate. "We are glad because we could pass on the energy and possibilities the wrapping allows. I am very pleased to be here at ExpoPrint. We are certainly guaranteed for FESPA Brasil 2019 and we are already preparing the CAMBEA #9. We will bring a lot of new things”, concludes Marcelo.

Check out the testimonials from the exhibitors who highlighted the resumption of growth at ExpoPrint Latin America 2018/ConverExpo Latin America 2018:
Mr. Julio Cezário – Marketing Department at Abflexo
"For Abflexo, ConverExpo was a very sucessful project, not only for the quantity, but also for the quality of the public who came to visit us. The exhibitors who were here were amazed by the results. Abflexo is very pleased with the partnership with APS and we intend to expand to other partnerships and other businesses as well."
Mr. Edson Zanetti Skrzeczkowski, Business Manager for the commercial and editorial segment in South America - Actega
"Actega is quite pleased with the attendance at the exhibition and the visitors’ feedback. We received customers from São Paulo and those who did not spare investments to come from all regions of the country. As ExpoPrint takes place every 4 years and is considered the main Latin American exhibition for the printing industry, it attracts many people from this region. One of the greatest things about this event is that it alternates with drupa. Every two years, the print producer has the opportunity to see what is happening on the market. We are pleased with the results. Our booth received accolades, we brought all our sales force and technical staff. Great executives of Actega are here in our booth.”
Mr. Hadriano Domingues - Planning and Marketing Director at Alphaprint
"We have brought a number of solutions, from prepress, software, color and black&white digital printing, 3D, to finishing and consumables. It was a pleasant surprise, the people flow has been very good, with qualified and interested attendees. As we have brought many innovations, the booth was always crowded. We have already closed deals and we expect that we can close even more."
Mr. Ricardo Augusto Lie - Business Director at Ampla
"Ampla had a really positive result, with an attendance that exceeeded expectations, a qualified attendance. It shows the strong resumption of the market, with visitors in search for solutions and alternatives, opening their minds to the new thresholds that  printing has been reaching and surpassing. The graphic arts market goes far beyond what was traditionally known and digital printing, such as that of Ampla, has been fitting perfectly what the companies have been looking for. The outlook is very positive for the coming months after the exhibition, especially because it took place at the beginning of the year, namely in the first quarter, which unlocks the deals to be closed over the year. The expectation is positive and good deals will be closed following the event."

Mr. Norberto Wiederkehr, CEO at Bobst in Brazil and Latin America
"ExpoPrint was a success for Bobst. Not only for the new look of the booth, but for the businesses generated here during the exhibition. The booth was extremely well visited. We have had the opportunity to showcase all technology and innovation focused primarily on productivity and cost efficiency. The balance was extremely positive and we expect that the projects that entered the Pipeline will revert to sales for Bobst Brasil in the first half and later on in the second half."
Mr. Fabiano Peres, Rreseller Supervisor at Canon
"Canon had an extremely positive experience during the ExpoPrint, a spectacular move that surprised everyone who was involved. Business deals are being closed during the exhibition. Customers who arrived at our booth and have already purchased an equipment during the exhibition, not to mention the deals that we were already  negociating and were closed during the event. It was a fantastic tool to move the graphic arts production market, which is so important to Canon."
Mr. Raymond Trad, CEO at Comprint
"The final balance is very positive. The exhibition had a very good attendance and, more important than quantity, the quality stood out. The visitors came interested in investing, talking business, and holding down-to-earth conversations. We had a good product exposure with our entire mix of 2D and 3D, which caught a lot of interest from conventional printers and end users. Many good business opportunities have been generated for Comprint as a whole."
Mr. Sam Ponzo, Americas Regional Director in Advanced Printing at DuPont
"This is my first time at ExpoPrint and I'm very happy to be here. I can see that the attendance shows the vibrancy of the Brazilian market and how much it is growing. For us it was a great opportunity to talk about our business. I saw a variety of customers coming to the booth and learning more about DuPont and our products."

Ernande Ramos - Sales Director at EFI Latin America
"The exhibition was excellent for EFI. A great attendance, good decision-makers who came to the event and saw our solutions for the textile and visual communication market, and especially our software line, showing an end-to-end solution, with all the planning, from order to delivery. It is a strategic exhibition, because it takes place every four years. Clients swarmed to see our technologies. The expectation is to significantly increase the number of leads, generating new deals and taking the latest technology in software, fabric, ceramic, wood and corrugated packaging digital print technology, such as Nozomi, which turned out to be a great success at the exhibition."
Ms. Evelin Wanke, Sales Manager at Epson
"The exhibition was very interesting for Epson. We expected a good result, but not as much that. And it's not just my opinion: the various Epson channels, both those with their own booth and those on our booth, have had good results. The attendance is very segmented, and we have product lines for various niche markets. Throughout the exhibition the booth was crowded and we managed to do a lot of business. It was great to have taken part."
Mr. Marcos Cardinale, Marketing Manager at Esko
"The exhibition was very good for Esko. We managed to attract the public and meet a lot of people in our booth. We showcased our digital finishing solutions for the visual communication market and flexographic technology for plate engraving and prepress automation. A lot of people passed by the booth and we were able to make great contacts and bring new flexography and digital communication technology to the market.”

Mr. Jânio Coelho – General Manager at Ferrostaal
"ExpoPrint has brought excellent results for Ferrostaal. We are at a time when the country’s economy is gaining momentum. We set up an attractive booth with exactly what the market needs. We presented the finishing machines Horizon, MGI, Brausse and the curing machine LED RMGT. Customers are increasingly confident in the investment, and the curing machine provided the best results at the exhibition, showing that the printer can profit on a wide range of substrates. Due to the quality of the meetings, customer attendance and demonstrations the result will be excellent. We consider the ExpoPrint as the driving force behind this market turnaround."
Mr. Odair Cardoso, Commercial Manager at FEVA
"It is the first edition of ConverExpo and it was really far above expectations, a wonderful feedback. Surely, we will take part in the next event. We had many business contacts, we visited traditional clients and new ones. It has brought immediate results and certainly will bring more in the future too."
Mr. Pedro Sá, Sales Director at Flint Group
"An extremely positive exhibition in a wonderful moment. Qualified visitors and prospects. We had several opportunities to close deals during the exhibition. It is important not only to Flint but to all manufacturers. We have several prospects and our Latin American distributors from Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, all of them are loving the exhibition here in Brazil. We really enjoyed the ExpoPrint."

Mr. Caio Nakagawa, Product Manager at the Furnax Group
"The final balance was positive. We noticed that the ExpoPrint shook up the market. It was amazing ever since the gates were opened. Seeing customers coming not just to get acquainted with the technology, but also to negotiate, discuss and make deals. Broadly speaking, the 2018 edition has been exceeding expectations and shows a very optimistic market. We sold all the exposed equipment, besides others available in our stock. We also opened up new projects that will be worked on in the coming months. Customers are busy and 2018 has been staging an investment scenario that brings strength to the printing market and proves that the demand is keeping the pace, customers are more prepared and the market will continue to expand. This is our perception of the ExpoPrint 2018."
Mr. Felipe Sanchez - CEO at Global Química & Moda
"GQM ends its participation at another ExpoPrint very satisfied. Regarding the deals that we closed here, I can say that they were far above the expectation. The same can be said about the quality of the visitors and partners who were here. Visitors from outside Brazil came to our booth and we were glad to participate in the Digital Textile Conference bringing knowledge and sharing what we know. It's great to see the interest in the technical stuff as well. A very positive exhibition both from the commercial and knowledge point of view. We end our participation extremely satisfied and look forward to the next edition."
Mr. Ludwig Allgoewer, President at Heidelberg do Brasil
"The final balance is very good. For the moment it took place – as the economy recovers from recession −, it served as a platform for a new phase in Brazil. We had a  strong feedback from the market. And the first customers are already investing again. It was very good for us and at the right time."
Mr. Luis Nei Arias, President at IBF
"The exhibition was excellent, beyond any expectation. This is a unanimous opinion by all the exhibitors. We have felt a very optimistic vibe, with ExpoPrint serving as a milestone for the market turnaround, which is very positive right now."

Mr. José Carlos Ribeiro, INX do Brasil Director
"The show exceeded our expectations, especially concerning Flexo and Gravure. It was the first time ExpoPrint included the solvent-based inks in the scope, and the presence was very significant and professional."

Mr. Joaquim Ventura - Commercial Director at Kodak
"It was a good surprise. We already knew that ExpoPrint would be a success for Kodak. But we have never expected such a crowd of visitors and customers we had, and deals we have closed. The exhibition was valuable because Latin America is a region of great importance for Kodak, which is betting on and investing in the region. And ExpoPrint was the best immersion Kodak could make envisaging this coming growth. The final results are very positive for Kodak."
Mr. Paulo Faria, Managing Director at Koenig & Bauer do Brasil
"The final balance is very positive, the market is much more excited today. We feel a strong trend for investments. So it was worth every penny to be here at ExpoPrint: the contacts, the orders, everything was excellent."
Ms. Karen Nakamura - Marketing Coordinator at Konica Minolta
"This exhibition was very good for Konica Minolta. We have several "sold" signs on the equipment, because we really had great visibility. We brought an innovation to the label market, which was a sensation in our booth, as well as a printer for the photographic market and our flagships in high production. We sold a lot of equipment during the exhibition, this edition has been very good for us, reinforcing the acceptance of the brand Konica Minolta on the market. Our booth is always crowded."
Mr. Gerson Nascimento, Commercial Director at Kromia
"It is the first time that we've been taking part at ConverExpo and it was fantastic for us. First exhibition with excellent results, booth always full. Every time we put the machine to run, there was a lot of people to watch it, especially the offset technicians who came to know our printing technology. The exhibition bottom line: excellent. We even closed orders here at the booth. We are surprised by the recognition that ConverExpo has brought to us. We believed in the first participation and I believe it will be the first of many to come, we will always be here showcasing our products."
Mr. Alexandre Feitosa, National Manager at Mimaki
"Once again Mimaki is present at ExpoPrint. A fantastic exhibition in terms of visitors, which came from all over Brazil. Decision makers. A exhibition that has surprised with number of visitors and negotiations. We are happy to be here and hope to attend all other events."

Mr. Paulo Duarte, Graphic Communications - Ricoh’s Indirect Channel
"ExpoPrint was a big surprise because we were able to really achieve the goal of releasing the new equipment with the neon color toner printing technology, an innovation, and catching the target audience that we had been interested for a long time, which are from the North and South regions, and much of São Paulo city and state. We are aware that the investment returned home with the sales made at the exhibition. From the very first day the number of sales was very good, both from customers who we were already negotiating and, to our surprise, new customers that we had no previous contact and came to buy at the exhibition. ExpoPrint 2018 generated revenue and a new one for that matter. This is very important for the market and especially for Ricoh."
Mr. Anderson Clayton, Marketing Manager at Roland DG Brasil
"From the outset we were optimistic about ExpoPrint, but over the week the exhibition surprised us in a positive way. The result was much better than we imagined, even sales volume was well above initial expectations. We commercialize equipment for the most varied needs, ideal to complement the machine park and enable print shops to meet high or low demands. The market gives clear signals of recovery, demand has been increasing steadily and the economic scenario, in turn, shows that the crisis has lagged behind. And whatever depends on Roland, the printing industry will always count on the best in solutions for entrepreneurs of all sizes and to meet all needs."
Mr. Andre Nato Machado, International Sales at Toyo Ink
"The ExpoPrint exhibition is a very important milestone for us. In 2010, in the first edition, we had nothing but the booth and some folders. The first kilo of Toyo’s ink in Brazil was sold here in 2010. In 2014, the first kilo of ink produced at the Toyo Ink factory in Brazil was sold here. In 2018, we celebrate the market leadership of offset inks in the country. ExpoPrint has always been the driving force behind us. We have already exceeded our goal in number of visitors − we had never reached that number. Our executives in Japan were impressed by the customer attendance and the deals that we have been able to generate here."

Visitors from all over Brazil and Latin America find the best tools for their companies at ExpoPrint/ConverExpo:
The resumption of growth and new investments were felt within ExpoPrint/ConverExpo and driven by qualified visitors. These are managers and owners that make the purchase decision and did business during the exhibition, generating the positive result achieved in this edition. Learn more about what visitors from different regions of Brazil and Latin America saw at the exhibition:
Mr. Edemir Facetto, Director, São Caetano do Sul / SP
"I come at a very blissful time for our country, where businessmen have decided to invest more and believe in the economy. I see that the investment is being very strong, especially in the area of premium packaging. I provide material for this segment and I leave the exhibition much happier than when I arrived. The people are investing and the event has many options. For boxes, I see equipment that already does all the finishing, from the printing to the final carton. This is very advantageous."

Mr. Mauricio Eff, Businessman, Montevideo / Uruguay
"We came with a group of between 15 and 20 companies from Uruguay. We are very glad with the exhibition. We have known it for a few years now and this edition is well organized, professional. We visit many exhibitions around the world and it is fantastic to have such an event in Latin America. Customers look forward to the exhibition and to visit Brazil."

Ms. Márcia Carestiato, Executive Director, Nova Friburgo / RJ
"I have been participating in trade exhibitions for almost 30 years in Brazil and abroad, and we see an exhibition in line with the moment we’re going through. The exhibition layout is very good, it has surprised me positively. The digital area is very interesting, the Sublimation Island was quite unique, it is something trendy. There are viable, measurable solutions that we can afford."
Mr. Jorge Weinberg, Manager, San Miguel / Colombia
"ExpoPrint Latin America 2018 is very well organized, with product options and different suppliers. The exhibition is very attractive and I'll be back soon."

Mr. Adair Niquetti, President at Singraf, Caixas do Sul/RS
"We brought professionals from Caxias do Sul (RS) through the city’s trade union and we want to provide information, knowledge and tendencies to our associates. Here we see cutting-edge technology, that adds value to all print shops. And in the end it will be  the customers who will benefit the most."

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* Expressamente proibida a entrada de menores de 16 anos.
* Expressamente proibida a entrada de visitantes trajando: short, camiseta cavada, bermudas, chinelos.

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